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Smart Business Of
The Future
Become the owner of a micromarket
with BOODFOOD franchise
No royalties and flat fees
Investment from AED 14,300
Quick payback
Blue Ocean
in the field of innovative vending technologies
Micromarkets are one of the fastest growing trends in catering and retail. The global vending machine industry is expected to exceed $146 billion by 2027 and micromarkets will play an important role in this growth.
  • The global micromarket market almost doubled between 2012 and 2020
  • By 2025, there will be more than 60,000 micromarkets in the world
  • From 2020 to 2027, micromarkets will provide an annual growth rate of 1.3% for the vending machine industry
  • According to the European Vending Association (EVA), Ukraine has seen the largest market growth over the past 5 years, with a 10.4% increase in the number of vending machines and a 28% increase in industry revenues
The BOODFOOD franchise - is a window of opportunity for rapid development in the field of public catering and retail. Do you want to join and be in the first ranks?
Advanced solution
which is always relevant
Micromarkets in the form of a smart BOODFOOD refrigerator is a smart self-service vending solution that:
Works around the clock without cashiers or staff
Understands what goods are taken from it
Automatically debits the payment from the credit card
Can have an optional additional built-in security system with cameras, many sensors and a siren
Controls the expiration dates of goods
Everything the user needs is
The mobile app
circle phone
Safety above all
Smart Fridge is equipped with an innovative security system, which you can use to find out what is happening with the micromarket at any time.
Security system components:
Tech for unmanned work around the clock
  • video surveillance cameras
  • temperature sensor
  • door opening sensor
  • motion sensor
  • scales
  • sirens
Internet and power outage control
  • the device sends you a message when the Internet or power is disconnected, engaging its locks automatically to block the device
Checking the client's rating during authentication
  • is carried out with the help of a proprietary algorithm of user verification with a system that prevents abuse and helps to evaluate a positive or negative rating to protect you from unwanted situations
Where to place
smart BOODFOOD micromarkets
Anywhere! What we suggest:
  • Offices
  • Coworkings
  • Business centers
  • Closed residential complexes
  • Malls or shopping centers
  • Government institutions
  • Hotels
  • Fitness clubs
  • Car washes and service stations
* this list is not final and will be expanded with the development of the network
What formats we offer
  • ready meals
  • cold drinks
Equipment and furniture:
  • smart refrigerator of the selected configuration
  • ready meals
  • cold drinks
  • hot drinks (coffee, tea)
Equipment and furniture:
  • smart refrigerator of the selected configuration
  • coffee machine
  • ready meals
  • cold drinks
  • hot drinks (coffee, tea)
Equipment and furniture:
  • smart refrigerator of the selected configuration
  • microwave oven
  • coffee machine
  • tables and chairs
Available configurations
Smart fridge
Payment via Neuroshop mobile app
Temperature sensor, door opening sensor
Control panel with analytics and statistics
Detecting goods in the refrigerator using a neural network
Detecting goods in the refrigerator using RFID
Security system with camera, motion sensor and siren
Scales for additional control
Automation, as the basis of business
The BOODFOOD mobile application is an ecosystem that unites all business participants: suppliers of products that will be presented in your micromarket, you as a micromarket owner, your end customers
What our app can do
  • Display the menu and promotions of every micromarket in the network
  • Calculate bonuses (individually or for groups of users, for example, only to customers of coworking spaces)
  • Configure automatic bonuses according to various parameters
  • (for example, for the purchase of certain products, or at certain time)
  • Display ordered goods
  • Send push-notifications, including advertising messages, to customers of your micromarkets
  • Survey customers, collect feedback on products and purchases
  • Conduct promotions and display them on the main page of customers
What your buyers gets in the app:
  • List of available products in the nearest micromarket
  • The ability to quickly open a micromarket and not worry about payments (as they are charged automatically)
  • The ability to communicate with you (for example, to order food or leave feedback)
The BOODFOOD application is all the functionality of a micromarket in one place
A service that simply works for you
Our pre-launch support::
  • Location recommendations and its coordination
  • Equipment from reliable partners
  • Recommendations for the fridge type, taking into account your wishes and the specifics of the location
  • Transfer of work standards
  • Learning to work with the refrigerator system
  • Setting up the software
location.svg description.svg settings.svg terminal.svg
Support after launch:
  • Recommendations on pricing policy
  • Centralized product supply
  • Assortment management with the possibility of partial adaptation on your recommendation
  • Connection to a single round-the-clock customer support service
  • Connection to a single loyalty system
  • Consultations and support
  • Financial analytics
  • Control over the operation of the software and its development
  • Marketing and brand development
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No flat fee. Royalty free. No marketing fees
No flat fee. Royalty free. No marketing fees
No flat fee. Royalty free. No marketing fees
No flat fee. Royalty free. No marketing fees
No flat fee. Royalty free. No marketing fees
No flat fee. Royalty free. No marketing fees
Financial model
of Your micro-market
Investment size
From AED 14,300
Break-even point
From 1-2 months
Return on investment
From 11 months
Profitability in 1 year of work
From 19%
Average monthly net profit in 1 year of work
From AED 1,300
Want to get a financial model for a specific format?
Fill out the form and our manager will contact you
The way to opening

We will help you with this process

We will provide recommendations on what the location should be in order to bring you the highest profit

We will help you create an assortment that will definitely be in demand among customers

We will prepare all the documents that will record our partnership

We will conduct mandatory training before launching your micromarket, and we will help whenever questions arise during the entire period of cooperation

You do not need to search for suppliers yourself, negotiate for purchase discounts and set up logistics for your warehouse, we will do all this for you

Our team will help set up the micromarket for work and test all features before launch

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